There are not many services I offer but the three that I do are very effective and can really have a major impact on your online business. I am talking about video production, photography, and digital branding.

Whether you're needing a specific service for a project, event or an idea, to a complete overhaul of your online brand. Maybe you don't even have an online presence and would like to end that so that you know your business has the best chance to succeed in an increasing global economy, where information is instant, and the image of your online brand is now just if not more important than your physical on site brand.

Let's take a look at the three services I offer.


Video is increasingly becoming the king of media. YouTube is the #2 largest search engine right behind Google. That is correct search engine. More people every day are starting to search for their information on YouTube in video format than the standard written format.

Leverage your products or services and lets create a video that can work for your business 24/7. If you're still unsure how video is the new king of content you can e-mail me and lets setup a time to chat.

- Popular Forms of Videos for Businesses: web commercials, corporate videos, product videos, customer testimonial videos, marketing videos, event videos, wedding videos. 

- Videography Process: Pre-production (scout location, scripting, storyboarding, etc), Production (filming and audio), Post-production (putting everything together). Typical turn around time? Depends on type of video. Anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

- Typical Video Cost: Again, depends on length and difficulty of video. Most videographers charge hourly and since most of the hours are going into post productions clients have no idea what they're going to pay. I on the other hand, will scope out the project, and provide you with an estimate before any work is done. So that way, you know what you're paying for. Don't expect anything less than $500. A typical one minute video will cost anywhere between $800 - $5000. It depends on how much the videographer hourly rate is.

Photography & Digital Graphic Design

Photo is still extremely important for your online branding. It's the quickest way to portray a feeling or expression. In the year 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds. In the year 2015 it was 8.25 seconds. In 2020 what is it?

To help combat against this, digital marketing has turned to photography to help get their product messaging out. Can anyone see why Instagram is increasingly becoming so popular? Memes and Infographics just might be the future to your business success. No seriously. Either way you need compelling photos TODAY that can capture the store and it's meaning.

Popular Forms of Photography for Business: Products, Food, Life-style, Fashion, and Landscape.

Photography Process: Location Scouting, Setup, Shoot, Post-production.

Typical Cost: Same with video it depends on what your photographer charges per hour. I do charge by the hour but I quote out the entire session. This lets you know what you're paying before even any work has started. No hidden costs at the end. Expect anywhere between $300-$3000.

Digital Branding

You know at first I wasn't even planning on offering this service, even though I have 15 years of experience with digital media. However, as my video and photo work has increased it's become apparent that most of my clients lack any form of proper digital branding or even worst no online branding at all and that's just mostly due to a lack of knowledge on the importance and proper use of it. Ironically those clients are between the ages of 40 and 60. I'll just have to create a blog post on this subject since I could talk about this all day.

Either way, the Digital Branding & Marketing setup I offer is easy, quick to learn, and has to scale with the business.

Websites - I will only work with Squarespace and Shopify. I'm more familiar with them but their ecosystems have matured, extremely popular, making solutions to issues easy to find, it's proven, quick start up time, easily teachable, and most importantly, they have fair prices that can scale with the business. Since I do work mostly with other businesses both platforms need to have ecommerce integrations and bonus points if they do digital products. Which both platforms do.

Social Media Consulting  - If you're posting the same content on Instagram and Facebook you're doing it wrong. Both platforms while owned by the same company are COMPLETELY different platforms and users absorb and engage with media differently. Same for Pinterest, Tumblr. You'll also learn why it's EXTREMELY important to be driving traffic from your social media to your website.

General Consulting - If you need to make your digital branding & marketing more efficient I can help with that too.

Logo Design - Need a logo that looks good online? Lets talk.