Lake Anita, Iowa State Park Picked for This Families Photo Shoot

Mrs. and Mr. Turk along with little Wyatt are a young and very busy family; the young family was looking for a quick family portrait session away from the big city, where they could relax and let Wyatt run around a little.

Lake Anita State Park was the choice for this photoshoot, a quiet park located halfway between Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA. The park offered plenty of room, unique locations, and nestled off the road picnic areas with their sheltered locations for the family to relax and take photos.

Turk family pose for a family photo at Lake Anita, Iowa State Park.Lovely family the Turk's pose for a photo while little Wyatt gives his signature goofy grinLittle Wyatt has a huge smile on his face after swinging with dad and momMomma Kristen Turk smells a flower Turk Family Photos Lake Anita, Iowa

Monte Turk or Grandpa Family Portrait at Lake Anita, Iowa