Schafer Barn on the Hill Teams up with Videographer Cody Turk to Create a Custom User Experience for Its Guests

Tim Schafer had reached out to me about a very creative idea that he had for his venue. Essentially it involved a video, that showcased various mix drinks, shots, and beers that they offer at the venue. This video would loop continuously on a 4K Smart TV, that was purchased just for this project. The TV currently sits behind the bar where guests, who are not quite sure about their next drink order could watch the video to get an idea about there next order.

With Tim Schafer’s creative guidance, patience, and fantastic communication skills. We were able to put together a video in just a few short days to release the video in time for the Ward Davis concert.

About Schafer Barn on the Hill Venue

The idea of our newest addition, Schafer Barn on the Hill, was prompted by visiting engaged couples that absolutely fell in love with the Schafer Century Barn, but needed a more spacious venue to accommodate more guests. We remodeled an existing barn on another property we owned just about 7 miles from the original Century Barn, adding large bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, rooms for the wedding party to get ready, and even it’s own bar. Then slowly and painstakingly my husband and his team added a vast 54’ X 100’ ceremony space, made of full tree-sized logs and beams, along with artistically designed metal fasteners engineered by our talented local welding shop. It is truly a sight to see!




I met Cody through a referral from another impressed client of his. I had an innovative project for our business but no idea how to put it together. I was surprised at how quickly Cody picked up on my concept and started offering solutions. His out of the box thinking and passion for the details was just what our business needed. He set it all up and executed my idea better than I could have imagined. We had a soft deadline on this project and he completed it and delivered it on time in just over a couple of days start to finish. Definitely very satisfied and impressed with Cody and his abilities!

— Tim Schafer, Schafer Barn on the Hill - Venue