Choosing and Working through your list of Projects

My list of ideas and projects continue to grow. In my mind, they’re all great ideas. However, my experience tells me that is not true. So which projects do we work on and which ones do we keep on paper for now?

There are hundreds of ways to handle this. Some work through are better than others and not all individuals work the same way. You ultimately need to find a way that is going to work for you. But, here is what works for me.

The Rule of Three

Is my favorite way to work.

Here is how the “The Rule of Three” works.

  1. There is always an idea or a situation
  2. Understand the idea or situation and come up with a solution
  3. Implement or solve the solution

TLDR (To Long Didn’t Read): Problem > Analyze > Solve

In my case, I have several projects I want to complete. Understanding that none! of these projects will be completed without feeling burned out. I need to organize quickly.

Back to the “The Rule of Three”.

  • Which three projects can I personally knockout quickly?
  • Which three projects are the most important to me?
  • What three projects can I do without for now?

Before we can answer these questions we need a list of our projects that we want to complete. Obviously your list will be different from mine.

  1. Transition from a portfolio site to a blog site that helps and teaches others about Web Development while also serving as a learning tool for myself.
  2. Start video blogging (Come up with template to simplify video production)
  3. Start wireframing and the design process for portfolio site
  4. Create new websites that are up to date with current trends to showcase
  5. Continue learning Ruby on Rails. Deploy working web app by end of summer
  6. Create new WordPress theme for blog site
  7. Publish 1-3 blog posts a week
  8. Revamp gaming blog website Pivot away from blogging and offer a web app for gamers
  9. Lay ground work for a new exciting way to sell your digital goods
  10. Layout ideas and features for A private directory of startups from around the world where venture capitalists can review, contact and bid hustle on over startups.
  11. Lay ground work for a website where UI designers can challenge and battle other designers

Now that we have our list, we can see that some of our ideas are pretty small and some very large. Let’s narrow this list down to three. Three that I’ll pick to work on for the next few weeks.

The green text will represent my selection to work on. While, the red text will represent which projects I will be put on hold.

  1. The first item we’ve basically already done. It’s just lacking content which is ok since it’s a young blog that has just started.
  2. I’ve basically already started this process I can finish this within a few days
  3. I’ve started the wireframing process for and I could really use a place to showcase my current and future work
  4. This can wait until I finish I can use a front-end framework to simplify the process. The hardest part will be figuring out what websites I’ll want to develop and showcase. But definitely second round.
  5. I can do this on my own free time it’s not a necessity. More of a want than a need
  6. This theme will work just fine for now. I’ll put this on hold
  7. I see this as a need and something that is easy enough to achieve no matter how bad my grammar is.
  8. Idea is on paper – only a dream at this time
  9. Idea is on paper – only a dream at this time
  10. Idea is on paper – only a dream at this time
  11. Only a dream at this time

It look’s like I have my three projects that I will be focusing on for the next few weeks. Once those three are completed, I’ll choose another three from my ever growing list.

Your work and/or ideas are great. How you manage your work and/or ideas will decide how productive you are.

Accomplish your goals don’t chase’em,
Cody Turk

After Edits: Kind of funny, after publishing and countless edits. I now want to change the title to “How to Simplify Your Life”.