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Where I discuss my investments. May include my tips and tricks.

I’m Buying Intel Stock

It’s 0200cst 23rd/Oct.

Intel is currently trading at $44.81 per share. Now will be a good time to pick up some shares of Intel before we see it go back up into the $50 range. We could see Intel back up in the $50 range as soon as 2Q 2019.

I myself have started investing in Intel stock.

Other Updates:
– If you bought into AMD at $14 when I did, I recommend you hold onto your AMD stock. If you see it drop into the low 20-22’s maybe buy more.
– For Microsoft I’m still buying shares.

Stock Update – I’m Betting on AMD and Microsoft

Back on the 17th of July I sold my small shares in Starbucks, Adobe, GE, and SOGO. Having done that I actually took a $20 lost. I reinvested that money $1,900 in Microsoft and AMD. Having done that has been the single greatest short term move I’ve made in my short experience at trading stocks.

Currently I’m just north of $3050. I plan to hold and actually buy more Microsoft and AMD stock.

July 6th 2018, I’m Etrade Positive – I have finally exceeded my initial investment

On June 25th, 2018 I started my investment journey with stock trading with an initial investment of $2,000. July 2nd of 2018, I added another $200.00 just so I could pick up more Microsoft stock. Today is a pretty big day for me. Today is the day that I have passed the total dollar amount that I had initially invested with. Currently, at 10:25 AM CST, I am sitting at $2,206 as of this posting.

My Etrade Stock Picks – Starting out with $2000

Well I have finally did it. I have opened up an Etrade personal account with $2,000 to invest/play with. Here I’ll discuss my stock picks and why I decided to go with the stocks that I did.

Adobe (ADBE)

Adobe was kind of expensive to pick up. I bought into the stock at $238.76 per share and with only starting out with $2000 I was a little hesitant on buying in. However, I absolutely love their products. I’m always using Photoshop, XD, Lightroom, Audition, Premier, and the Creative Cloud. Their pricing plan seems fair and it’s a well ran company. I honestly think Adobe at $238 is a steal. I won’t be surprise if Adobe is closer to $300 by the summer of 2019. As of writing this blog post Adobe shares are sitting at $243.81 per share.

Microsoft (MSFT)

I bought into Microsoft at $97.34 per share. I love where Microsoft is headed. I love the acquisition of Github. I love where they are going with Azure (cloud computing), AI and Machine Learning. I’m a big fan of where Microsoft is headed for the future and I’m even a bigger fan of Satya Nadella (Check out his book “Hit Refresh: The quest to rediscover Microsoft’s soul and imagine a better future for everyone” you won’t be disappointed.). If they keep the momentum up, I’ll be buying more Microsoft stock. Microsoft should be worth $200 per share within the next few years. As of writing this blog post, Microsoft stock is going for $98.90 per share.


I am liking AMD’s CPU and GPU products, The AMD Ryzen Threadripper chip and the Radeon RX Vega cards should close the gap with Intel. I like the direction they’re headed. Building for future success. I will not be surprise to see AMD shares hit $20 by next summer. I bought into AMD at 14.83 per share. Currently, as of writing this blog. The stock is at $14.98 per share.

Here are some other stock purchases I have bought:

General Electric (GE) – I’m hoping GE will be able to bounce back in 2019 to the high teens. If that happens, I’ll come out on top. I bought in at $13 per share.

Starbucks (SBUX) – Starbucks I am not sure about to be honest. I bought in at $48 per share. It’s a global brand and has been able to pounce back before in tough times.

SOGO (Sogou Inc) – Sogou is a tech company in China. They are the #2 search engine in China after Baidu. I bought in at $12 per share.