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New Website Coming Soon

Just a quick update, I’ve been pretty busy with creating videos and taking photos. But, I promise to find some time here soon to design and develop a new website.

What type of website will this be?

This website will mainly serve as a way to showcase any work that I have done. I’ll also provide more detail information on myself.

What type of design/theme are you thinking?

Well, the idea is to keep it super simple, one page only. For the overall design expect a lot of large photos to be used. Also, we will go with a darker theme since my favorite colors are black, red, and white. So do not be surprise to see a lot of those colors implemented in the new website.

What sort of pages/sections can we expect?

Don’t expect anything to outrageous, again I want to keep it super simple so that I can quickly update the website when I need to. But you can expect such sections as:

  • Hero Image with various information along with links to other sections
  • About me
  • Portfolio
  • Contact

Do you plan to use sites like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress?

No, not at all. Nothing against those sites but this website is going to be about me and it’s going to showcase some of my best work that I’m excited to create as I continue to improve. I want this website to also be something that I create, I (‘Man I said the word “I” a lot.’) will feel more connected with the website knowing the hard work that was put into it.

As far as what I will use to create our website we will be using React, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The design will be created in Adobe XD.

Expect something in September or October. I’m really using these summer months to create as many videos and take as many photos as I can. In the mean time come visit me at one of the websites listed below.


Email is codyturk[at] if you need to get in touch with me.

Quick Update on What I have been doing?

I just have a quick update on what I have been doing lately.

Past few months I have been learning goLang. Google’s programming language. As someone that considers them self more of a designer this has proven difficult. However, I find it necessary to accomplish my goals to becoming a Full Stack Developer.

A few other cool technologies and software that I have been playing with lately are:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe XD
VS Code
Command Line

I am hoping within the next several months I’ll be showing you some pretty cool work that’s being done with some of the technology that was mention above.

I’ll provide a more in depth update later, but for now here is some other things that I have been working on.

Working with Adobe Lightroom to edit photos:

Chris 2019 Trip

Quick one minute video of me editing a phone:

I’m Buying Intel Stock

It’s 0200cst 23rd/Oct.

Intel is currently trading at $44.81 per share. Now will be a good time to pick up some shares of Intel before we see it go back up into the $50 range. We could see Intel back up in the $50 range as soon as 2Q 2019.

I myself have started investing in Intel stock.

Other Updates:
– If you bought into AMD at $14 when I did, I recommend you hold onto your AMD stock. If you see it drop into the low 20-22’s maybe buy more.
– For Microsoft I’m still buying shares.

Stock Update – I’m Betting on AMD and Microsoft

Back on the 17th of July I sold my small shares in Starbucks, Adobe, GE, and SOGO. Having done that I actually took a $20 lost. I reinvested that money $1,900 in Microsoft and AMD. Having done that has been the single greatest short term move I’ve made in my short experience at trading stocks.

Currently I’m just north of $3050. I plan to hold and actually buy more Microsoft and AMD stock.

Product Photography with the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

I just recently purchased the AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio to experiment with product photography. It’s a great little tool for photographers who are looking to get into product photography.

Take a look at a few shots that I took.

Old Factory Candles

iPhone se

July 6th 2018, I’m Etrade Positive – I have finally exceeded my initial investment

On June 25th, 2018 I started my investment journey with stock trading with an initial investment of $2,000. July 2nd of 2018, I added another $200.00 just so I could pick up more Microsoft stock. Today is a pretty big day for me. Today is the day that I have passed the total dollar amount that I had initially invested with. Currently, at 10:25 AM CST, I am sitting at $2,206 as of this posting.

My Etrade Stock Picks – Starting out with $2000

Well I have finally did it. I have opened up an Etrade personal account with $2,000 to invest/play with. Here I’ll discuss my stock picks and why I decided to go with the stocks that I did.

Adobe (ADBE)

Adobe was kind of expensive to pick up. I bought into the stock at $238.76 per share and with only starting out with $2000 I was a little hesitant on buying in. However, I absolutely love their products. I’m always using Photoshop, XD, Lightroom, Audition, Premier, and the Creative Cloud. Their pricing plan seems fair and it’s a well ran company. I honestly think Adobe at $238 is a steal. I won’t be surprise if Adobe is closer to $300 by the summer of 2019. As of writing this blog post Adobe shares are sitting at $243.81 per share.

Microsoft (MSFT)

I bought into Microsoft at $97.34 per share. I love where Microsoft is headed. I love the acquisition of Github. I love where they are going with Azure (cloud computing), AI and Machine Learning. I’m a big fan of where Microsoft is headed for the future and I’m even a bigger fan of Satya Nadella (Check out his book “Hit Refresh: The quest to rediscover Microsoft’s soul and imagine a better future for everyone” you won’t be disappointed.). If they keep the momentum up, I’ll be buying more Microsoft stock. Microsoft should be worth $200 per share within the next few years. As of writing this blog post, Microsoft stock is going for $98.90 per share.


I am liking AMD’s CPU and GPU products, The AMD Ryzen Threadripper chip and the Radeon RX Vega cards should close the gap with Intel. I like the direction they’re headed. Building for future success. I will not be surprise to see AMD shares hit $20 by next summer. I bought into AMD at 14.83 per share. Currently, as of writing this blog. The stock is at $14.98 per share.

Here are some other stock purchases I have bought:

General Electric (GE) – I’m hoping GE will be able to bounce back in 2019 to the high teens. If that happens, I’ll come out on top. I bought in at $13 per share.

Starbucks (SBUX) – Starbucks I am not sure about to be honest. I bought in at $48 per share. It’s a global brand and has been able to pounce back before in tough times.

SOGO (Sogou Inc) – Sogou is a tech company in China. They are the #2 search engine in China after Baidu. I bought in at $12 per share.