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Month: April 2019

Quick Update on What I have been doing?

I just have a quick update on what I have been doing lately.

Past few months I have been learning goLang. Google’s programming language. As someone that considers them self more of a designer this has proven difficult. However, I find it necessary to accomplish my goals to becoming a Full Stack Developer.

A few other cool technologies and software that I have been playing with lately are:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe XD
VS Code
Command Line

I am hoping within the next several months I’ll be showing you some pretty cool work that’s being done with some of the technology that was mention above.

I’ll provide a more in depth update later, but for now here is some other things that I have been working on.

Working with Adobe Lightroom to edit photos:

Chris 2019 Trip

Quick one minute video of me editing a phone: